Ironic Winter Day Menu

AVAILABLE 11:00AM - 2:30PM


Breakfast Bagel

Toasted bagel with raspberry jam & butter (OR) 9.50
Lightly toasted bagel filled with spinach, tomato, fried egg, cheese, streaky bacon and tomato relish 15.50

Eggs on Toast

Poached free-range eggs on toast served with Ironic tomato relish (OR) 13.50

Raw Muesli

Made for the health conscious. A mixture of dried fruits, nuts and oats. Served with coconut & almond milk and fresh banana or blueberry compote (DF) (GF) 15.50


Ironic Brunch Stack

Our Café of the Year 2014 winning signature dish – Sautéed greens, chorizo and spinach with roasted tomato, poached egg and avocado crème on toasted ciabatta (OR) (V) 22

Pumpkin Smash

Smashed pumpkin & kale, served on house-made rye toast with poached egg, walnut dukkah, creamy feta, rocket pesto and balsamic reduction (OR) (V) 22

Portobello Mushrooms

Pan-fried portobello mushrooms, tomato, spinach and pinenuts, topped with hollandaise sauce and feta cheese. Served on toasted ciabatta (OR) (V) 22.50

Ironic Beans

Ironic's own baked beans with baby spinach, hash brown, poached egg and tomato chilli jam (GF) (V) 19.50

Buttermilk Pancakes

Fluffy pancakes served with:
grilled banana, local streaky bacon and maple syrup 18.50
blueberry compote, citrus crème and lemon syrup 18.50
blueberry compote, banana and maple syrup 18.50

Eggs Benedict

Poached free-range eggs on toast topped with hollandaise.
Served with: local streaky bacon (OR) 20.50
cold smoked salmon (OR) 20.50

Station Masters

A full breakfast with local streaky bacon, hash brown, portobello mushrooms, Ironic beans, pork & sage sausage and poached free-range eggs. Served on toast (OR) 26

Bacon and Eggs

Poached free-range eggs and local streaky bacon, served on toast with tomato relish (OR) 17


Ironic hash brown 4
Ironic baked beans 4
Ironic pork & sage sausage 5
Local streaky bacon 5
Portobello mushrooms 4.50
Creamy mushrooms 4.50
Roasted tomato 4
Baby spinach 3
Smoked salmon 5
Extra bread 2.50
Gluten free bread 2.50
Extra free-range egg 3.50
Hollandaise 3
Tomato Relish 2.50
Fluffy pancake 6.50
Blueberry compote 4
Grilled Banana 4
Maple syrup / Lemon syrup 3


Thick & chunky fries with special Ironic seasoning and roasted garlic aioli (GF) (V) 5 SML / 9 LGE

Crispy potato skins topped with house-smoked corn & bacon, coriander and spicy sriracha aioli (GF) (V) 13

Garlic twist packed full of herb and roasted garlic butter (V) 8.50

Soup of the day, always vegetarian, served with toasted bread (OR) (V) 17

Salmon Bagel – smoked salmon, cream cheese & baby spinach in a toasted bagel 14.50

Pork & Sage sausage roll, served with tomato sauce 13.50

Cheese roll - southland sushi, the best in the world! (V) 4 SML / 8 LGE

Roast Vege Salad pumpkin, kumara, carrot, beetroot, potato, spinach, feta, pine nut, lemon balsamic sauce (GF) (V) 13.50


Gourmet Chicken Nachos

Ironic's own mild-spiced tomato chilli with cajun chicken on corn chips. Topped with grilled cheese, fresh tomato salsa and sour cream (GF) (V) 19.50

Lambs Fry

Pan-fried lambs fry in a rich & creamy peppercorn sauce, served on a crisp potato hash and streaky bacon (GF) 24.50

Blue Cod

Fresh is best! Locally caught blue cod fillets cooked in a light Speights beer batter. Served with thick & chunky fries, green salad and house made tartare sauce (OR) 27.50

Pulled Pork Sliders

Slow-roasted pork, shredded and marinated in a rich sauce. Served with creamy slaw and zesty apple relish 18.50

Minted Lamb Pie

Braised lamb, fresh mint and vegetable pie. Served with creamy mash, pea puree and onion gravy 24.50

Cajun Fish Tacos

Pan-seared freshly marinated cajun fish, served on soft shell tacos with shredded lettuce, slaw and pico de gallo chunky salsa. Topped with avocado and coriander sauce 20.50

Seafood Chowder

An award winning Ironic specialty - Creamy seafood veloute full of smoked fish, fresh fish, clams, mussels, prawns and vegetables. Served with toasted bread 19.50

Chicken Chimichanga

A tex-mex favourite succulent lemon roasted chicken, shredded and filled into a crispy burrito with chilli and cumin. Served with avocado crème, fresh black bean & pineapple salsa and green salad 22.50

House-made Pasta

Ironics freshly made pasta, served with our chef's creation using seasonal and local ingredients (V) 24.50

Royale with Cheese

Soft bun filled with beef patty, house-smoked cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli, shredded lettuce, gherkin & red onion relish and bourbon-bacon jam, one tasty burger. Served with fries 21.50

Prime Porterhouse Steak

Open steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato relish, streaky bacon, creamy mushroom sauce and topped with beer battered onion rings. Served on toasted house-made bread and with fries (OR) 23.50

Salmon Roulade: smoked salmon, baby spinach & cream cheese in an egg sponge. Served with green salad (GF) 18.50
Chicken Filo: creamy chicken, bacon and mushroom in a crispy filo parcel. Served with green salad 19.50
Pumpkin Filo: pumpkin, feta, baby spinach & dukkah in a crispy filo parcel. Served with green salad 18.50
Chicken Wrap: cajun chicken, spinach, slaw, hummus, tomato & aioli. Served with green salad 18


Download the Ironic Day Menu (PDF format)